Filho de Air Jordan Z Vence Grande Prêmio em Beijing


Henrick von Eckermann and the 13-year-old A Bernhard have won the 1.45m Big Tour during the Longines Equestrian Beijing Masters. This Air Jordan Z descendant of breeder C.A.P. van Opstal performed a clear round against the clock in 66.60 seconds. Among the 38 other participants, nobody did better and so it became a Swedish victory in Beijing, China.

Martin Fuchs also stayed clear with Cognac du Vlist Z, of Calvino Z x Calypso. Their 70.10 second chrono earned them a fifth place. Both Cognac du Vlist Z and A Bernhard gained their second top score on Saturday because in the Big Tour opening class they also became second and fourth respectively.

In addition, Martin Fuchs and Cognac du Vlist Z managed to clear to the 1.50m course of the three-star Longines Grand Prix as well. Seven combinations made it to the jump-off. Fuchs and the 10-year-old gelding bred by A.J. van der Vlist finished in sixth place. They were faster than winner Penelope Leprevost (Cenai), but four penalty points eventually kept them from first place.