Triple Victory for Explosion W!

osted on 24 Nov 2019 by Nathalie De Martin

Last weekend, the blistering GCT Super Grand Prix was scheduled. Eighteen riders entered the battle, of which 4 managed to score a clear first round. Sixteen riders were invited to the second round and then it became exciting …


Best horse – GCL

Explosion W was already honored on Wednesday as the best horse of the GCL Season 2019. Not surprisingly, since Explosion W’s intelligence, power and ability to excel in different arenas in the GCL this season has captivated the equestrian world. He helped Ben Maher to the victory in the Global Champions Tour and also made sure owner Poden Farms and breeder Willy Wijnen got awarded. Owner Heidi Moffitt said: “Explosion is one of those special stories we are all happy to be part of and we are really fortunate to be part of his story. The GCT has always been a part giving us the platform to achieve what we have. And of course Ben (Maher) that goes without saying. And I have to say Emily, she is the reason we are in this sport and my husband, as some of you know, is an all in sort of person, a little intense and I wish he was here – it’s kind of his award. May the story continue.”

Also Willy and Betsie Wijnen spoke with delight: “Thank you ladies and gentlemen I am very happy that Jan has invited me here for the Breeder Award. It is wonderful what Explosion is doing. Before I knew we had a good horse but Ben made the team, he made the team complete.”

Second round LGCT Super Grand Prix

The second round of the LGCT Super Grand Prix created some extra excitement. Last year Edwina Tops-Alexander claimed the victory with 4 penalty points, so anything was possible. The Brazilian Marlon Modolo Zanotelli (VDL Edgar M) was the first to show that a clear round was realistic, and with his 4 penalty points of the first round he would eventually become fifth. Martin Fuchs (Clooney 51) was visibly disappointed with his 4 penalty points in the first round and decided to go full throttle for a clear round, hoping to still be able to get a good place in the rankings. He succeeded well in his set-up, because he would eventually finish third with a time that was 6.5 seconds faster! Darragh Kenny and Balou du Reventon received 1 penalty point for time in the first round and choose the safe option again. The Irishman succeeded, again with 1 penalty point time, and so all he could was wait for the 4 clear combinations still to go…

Dani Waldman and Caspar 213 were unable to repeat their first round and were charged 8 penalty points. Daniel Deusser and Tobago Z, on the other hand, did not seem to get close to the fences, but a soft rub over the plank, the C-element of the triple jump, made sure that they left the ring with 4 penalty points. Next, it was up to penultimate starter Julien Epaillard to stay clear with Virtuouse Champeix, but also they ran into problems halfway through the course and ended up with 12 penalty points in the end. All pressure on Ben Maher, who, just like at the European Championships in Rotterdam, could write history with a clear round. Obstacle 1, 2 and 3 went smoothly, but the double combination 4AB ended up to be nerve wracking. Explosion W hit the rear bar of the B-element, which even jumped out of the cups, but the Brit was lucky that everything remained intact. The audience was silent, the pressure was higher than ever… Maher and Explosion W did what was expected of them and the relieve was enormous: the victory in the super GP was a fact!

Result Grand Prix Prague: click here

Best horse – Rankings

With a prize pool of 300,000 euros for the winner, the victory in the Super GP ensures that Explosion W makes a spectacular rise in the Hippomundo Rankings. With a whopping 1,289,311 euros, the 10-year-old son of Chacco Blue has collected an unseen prize pool this year. Last year Verdi TN collected a record prize pool of € 1,443,222 so the question is now: will Explosion W do better?


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